Unprecedented Coffee Versatility for Your Business

Combining reliable performance with intuitive operation, the WMF 1500 S+ boasts an array of advanced features within its slim dimensions. Tailor it to meet your needs and satisfy your customers' preferences. The WMF 1500 S+ is the versatile solution for delivering premium coffee specialties, offering the high quality and long-term reliability you expect from WMF, along with the flexibility you desire and the variety your customers appreciate. Its ease of use ensures efficiency in both served and self-service environments. With pioneering digital connectivity, the WMF 1500 S+ provides everything you need to grow and evolve your coffee business for years to come.

Siesta 1500 S+ video

Flexible Bean Hopper Configuration

For maximum variety, the WMF 1500 S+ features up to three hoppers, allowing you to choose from up to two types of coffee beans, chocolate powder, or twin toppings. Additionally, the machine offers a manual insert for ground coffee, perfect for preparing decaffeinated options. The left and right bean hoppers each hold up to 1100g of beans, while the central hopper has a 700g capacity, and the powder hopper can accommodate up to 2000g of powder. To enhance their visual appeal, the hoppers are designed with a coordinated look and come with lockable lids. Moreover, they are removable and dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy cleaning.

Dual Coffee Grinder Configuration

To provide a wide selection of premium coffee specialties, the WMF 1500 S+ can be equipped with up to two different grinders, allowing for a diverse range of recipes. These robust, high-performance grinders are quick, quiet, and built to last. They are electronically controlled and finely adjusted to ensure perfect grinding every time.

10" Color Touch Display

The WMF 1500 S+ features an inviting 10” color touch display that showcases realistic product depictions and customizable color themes. Its intuitive navigation, using familiar touch and swipe menus, caters to both served and self-service modes. Ideal for presenting nutritional information, the display can also be used to show videos, such as promoting special offers at specific times of day.

Promotional Display

The vibrant 10” touch display provides an excellent opportunity to boost sales with eye-catching advertisements or tailored special offers. While your customers' beverages are being prepared, you can effectively capture their attention and promote additional products or deals.

Automatically Adjustable Spout Height

The spout on the WMF 1500 S+ automatically adjusts to the optimal height for each selected beverage, based on preset recipe values. This ensures perfect beverage temperature and eliminates unsightly milk splashes on the housing. This feature is optional and available only with the Dynamic Milk system installed.

Dynamic Coffee Assist

Dynamic Coffee Assist ensures the highest quality for all espresso-based coffee specialties offered by the WMF 1500 S+. Once the beverage quality is set, this innovative system continuously monitors the brewing flow, making automatic adjustments to the grind size or coffee quantity as needed. This maintains consistent brewing time, extraction, and value, guaranteeing your customers enjoy consistently excellent coffee every time.

Dynamic Milk Assist

Innovative Dynamic Milk Assist technology ensures the constant high quality of all milk drinks. Using state-of-theart sensors, it continuously monitors the temperature in the cooler and the milk flow in the machine. Based on these values, it regulates factors like the pump speed to create perfect milk foam of the pre-selected consistency. In addition, Dynamic Milk Assist can also detect when the milk level is empty, even in bag-in-box systems.

WMF AutoClean

With WMF AutoClean, manual cleaning of the coffee and milk systems has become a thing of the past. Just configure the cleaning cycle once and the WMF AutoClean system does the rest, independently and automatically.

WMF CoffeeConnect

WMF CoffeeConnect provides you with the option to collect valuable machine data. Wherever you are, you can obtain an overview of your sales figures and current service information at any time. You will receive warnings which will let you know if you are running low on consumables or if maintenance is required. What's more, thanks to the system's bidirectional design, you can send tailored promotional offers from your desk directly to the display of a selected machine. The basic functions are available to you free of charge. WMF CoffeeConnect collects, analyses and processes data about your coffee machines, enabling you to optimise processes, reduce service costs and boost your sales.

Milk and Steam Systems

With the WMF Milk and Steam systems, you’ll be tailoring barista-style coffee creations to individual tastes in no time at all. On top of Easy Milk’s range of hot and cold milk coffee specialities, the Dynamic Milk System enables the fully automated preparation of hot and cold milk and milk foam beverages, as well as a large variety of milk foam consistencies.