Innovative, Compact and Robust

Featuring innovative design and functionality, the WMF 1300 S fully automatic coffee maker is a distinguished addition to the WMF family of premium coffee machines. Renowned for its reliability, robustness, and powerful performance, this versatile machine delivers an impressive average output of 120 cups per day. Most notably, it offers exceptional ease of use and maintenance, ensuring a seamless coffee-making experience.

The Pinnacle of Coffee Excellence

The WMF 1300 S boasts high performance, compact dimensions, and user-friendly operation. This meticulous attention to detail stems from years of experience, a commitment to quality, and a passion for exceptional coffee enjoyment. Designed for reliability and longevity, the WMF 1300 S ensures dependable service with straightforward maintenance and care.


From 0 to 120: A Strong Performance

With a recommended average output of 120 cups per day, the WMF 1300 S is ideal for a variety of applications in small to medium-sized businesses within the catering industry and commercial coffee sectors. This compact and user-friendly machine excels in both high-demand peak times and quieter periods, where its energy-saving mode conserves both the environment and your budget.

Coffee Grinders: The Unsung Heroes

Equipped with two decoupled coffee grinders, the WMF 1300 S operates so quietly it can be placed in offices or conference rooms without disruption. The machine's adjustable grind settings accommodate different types of beans, ensuring optimal extraction for every selection. Its durable high-tech polymer brewer, with a 15g capacity, promises longevity and exceptional coffee preparation. Additionally, it is easily removable for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

WMF 1300 S: A Masterpiece of Harmony

The WMF 1300 S is designed for enduring performance and seamless operation. Its high-quality components are meticulously engineered to work in perfect harmony, ensuring robust and reliable functionality. Each element contributes to the long-lasting excellence of the WMF 1300 S, making it a dependable choice for any setting.

Effortless Preparation of First-Class Coffee Specialties

From a robust morning espresso to a mild afternoon cappuccino, or a comforting hot chocolate in the evening, the WMF 1300 S caters to coffee enthusiasts all day long. Its 7-inch touch display offers intuitive and user-friendly navigation, making it ideal for both staff and self-service. Users can effortlessly run cleaning and maintenance programs, customize recipes, and adjust images and color schemes.

A Versatile Milk System for Ultimate Variety

Create a diverse array of beverages quickly and effortlessly, tailored to individual preferences. Enjoy cappuccinos and latte macchiatos with perfect milk foam, as well as hot milk coffee and chocolate. The Choc Mixer is easy to clean and replace, thanks to its magnetic lock and sensor system.

Multiple Hoppers, Endless Possibilities

The WMF 1300 S features up to three hoppers: two for different types of coffee beans and one for milk or chocolate powder. An additional manual insert for ground coffee allows you to prepare new varieties or decaffeinated coffee in portions. All hoppers are removable, easy to clean, and can be locked for added security.


First-Class Service Tailored to Your Taste

Whether for service personnel or office staff, the WMF 1300 S excels in user-friendliness. The pre-selection toolbar on the display allows customization of beverage fill levels, cup sizes, strength, and language preferences. Additionally, service personnel can easily access advanced functions and configure the display as advertising space, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

Effortless Cleaning at the Push of a Button

Simplify your routine with the WMF 1300 S's effortless cleaning process. A brief press of the power-off button initiates the automatic cleaning cycle every evening. After 250 brewings, or every 7 days, a complete system cleaning occurs. Simply connect the Plug&Clean adapter and insert a cleaning tablet. Weekly maintenance is equally easy; just remove the milk foamer with a quick motion and place it in the WMF milk system cleaner.

True Greatness, Simply Achieved

The WMF 1300 S lets its performance speak for itself. With its slim dimensions of 32.5 cm x 67 cm x 57.4 cm it can be installed even in space-critical environments and fits perfectly in small to medium-sized bakeries, offices, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, self-service shops and restaurants.


Quality “Made in Germany”

Perfectly Suited to Any Cup Size

Whether you're using a tiny espresso cup, a small pot, a standard cup, or a tall glass, the adjustable central spout of the WMF 1300 S accommodates heights from 60 to 169 mm. For hot water, the combined height of the adjustable spout and Basic Steam is 107.5 mm, ensuring no splashes or awkward cup arrangements. Just a simple adjustment by hand provides the perfect fit.

Unadulterated Coffee Enjoyment

The Cup Stop feature guarantees precise filling and a tidy workspace by indicating the correct position for each cup. It can also be manually adjusted to fit individual cups, ensuring that your coffee remains where it belongs—in your glasses, jugs, and cups.

Temperature: The Cup Warmer Advantage

The WMF 1300 S ensures your beverage is served at the ideal temperature, enhancing your drinking pleasure instantly with a preheated cup. The SteamJet warms the cup with hot steam. Simply place the cup on the warmer, activate the SteamJet, wait briefly, and enjoy a perfectly tempered drink.

Enhanced Team Performance

The WMF 1300 S and Its Companions: A Well-Rounded Ensemble

Discover Your Perfect Combination

Elevate your coffee experience with WMF accessories! Choose products that seamlessly complement your WMF 1300 S both technically and aesthetically. Whether it's a milk cooler, cup rack, or mobile coffee station, each accessory is designed to perfectly match the performance and style of your coffee machine.

"The WMF 1300 S is specially designed for customers who require a simply functional, robust and reliable coffee machine with minimal maintenance."

Raphael Nagel, Product Manager WMF Professional Coffee Machines

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