Steam Systems

Our integrated steam systems enhance the capabilities of your WMF professional coffee machine, expanding the range of beverages you can offer. Whether your users are novices or seasoned baristas, they'll discover an advanced yet user-friendly steam system tailored to their preferences on every WMF machine. From heating beverages like mulled wine to achieving perfect milk froth for latte art or frothing milk from an external source, these systems cater to diverse needs. Simply select the system that aligns with your business requirements, and you'll be equipped to delight your customers with a variety of beverage options.

Basic Steam: Entry-Level Steam System

This system provides quick and easy warming of a variety of beverages, from hot chocolate to mulled wine, and allows for manual heating and frothing of milk upon customer request. This steamer version is compatible with the WMF 1500 S model.

Easy Steam Plus: Enhanced with Temperature Sensor

Crafted for the preparation of hot beverages or manual milk frothing from an external source, this system boasts a semi-automatic steam wand that automatically switches off upon reaching the desired temperature, simplifying traditional milk frothing. Easy Steam is compatible with WMF 5000 S and WMF 8000 S models.

Auto Steam: Achieve Barista-Level Milk Frothing Mastery

The dedicated steam wand of the Auto Steam system empowers users to tailor milk foam density for each unique coffee creation, offering three distinct types of milk foam automatically on the side. Additionally, the system streamlines milk heating and the preparation of various hot beverages. Compatible with WMF espresso, WMF 5000 S, and WMF 8000 S models.

Three Levels of Milk Froth: Customise Your Foam

The WMF milk systems, including Basic Milk, Easy Milk, Smart Milk, and Dynamic Milk, perfectly complement the steam systems, offering a user-friendly and practical method for crafting a wide variety of beverages.