Siesta Speciality Coffee

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  • Siesta Coffee – BRAZILIAN speciality organic coffee – PRE-GROUND 250g
  • BRAZILIAN SPECIALITY COFFEE – From the Rio Verde farms, it was founded in 1887 and is one of the oldest farms in Brazil. Located in the heart of the Mantiqueira de Minas Mountains, this 1500 hectares farm is a true natural sanctuary, where coffees are grown at elevations of up to 1300m above sea level, surrounded by virgin forests, waterfalls, springs and hiking trails.
  • HAND ROASTED – Artisan roasted to traditional methods, this coffee is a single origin Arabica bean, roasted to a full chestnut colour, which produces a rich body, strong aroma and creates a lovely thick crema.
  • KEEPING YOUR COFFEE FRESH – To produce the best coffee for all your home coffee machines, grind to just the way you like it! – or purchase pre-ground, ideal for cafetières. Our pack has an easy ‘Lift and Pull’ opening that can be resealed to ensure your beans remain fresh.
  • PREMIUM ROASTED COFFEE – We roast our premium coffee beans in small batches by our coffee experts to keep the aroma strong and fresh. A classic all day smooth and luxurious coffee. With a one-way air valve, our coffee remains as fresh as the day it was roasted.
  • LOOKING AFTER OUR GROWERS – We are fully committed to looking after the growers of our coffee and the environment. All our coffee is rainforest Alliance Certified. We ensure that the people who grow our coffee and the land they grow it on are fully supported and sustained.