Intelligent Cup Recognition Technology.

A truly intelligent coffee machine that adjusts to every cup. Optional with the WMF 5000 S+ and the WMF 1500 S+, the Cup Sensor detects the cup placed on the drip tray, positioning the automatic spout at the precise distance above it. The machine can even preselect specific beverages or sizes based on the cup used, eliminating the need for manual selection and reducing the risk of overfilling. Enhance customer satisfaction with seamless service while optimizing operational efficiency.

Cup Sensor: How It Works

This advanced feature offers versatile functionality tailored to your specific requirements. In one mode, the selected beverage is dispensed only when the sensor detects a cup, making it particularly convenient for self-service settings. In another mode, the machine detects the cup and adjusts the spout to the appropriate distance, perfect for venues serving the same beverage in various cup sizes, such as offices. The third mode recognizes the cup's height, displaying only the beverages compatible with that cup size. In this mode, the spout automatically adjusts to the preset height for each recipe, streamlining operations and saving time.

Your benefits of the cup sensor:

NO DISPENSING WITHOUT A CUP: Ensure minimal waste and cleaning with no beverage dispensed without a cup.

AUTOMATIC BEVERAGE SELECTION: Enhance user experience with automatic selection of the correct beverage type based on the cup used.

AUTOMATIC CUP DETECTION: Reduce the risk of overfilling by automatically detecting cup size.

COLLISION CONTROL: Protect cups and spouts from damage while ensuring consistent beverage quality.

IDEAL BEVERAGE TEMPERATURE: Serve each drink at the perfect temperature by optimizing the distance from spout to cup.

REDUCED CLEANING EFFORT: Minimize splashes and cleaning needs with optimized spout-to-cup distance.

Available for: WMF 5000 S+, WMF 1500 S+ (with "Dynamic Milk" system or self-service package).